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Puerto La Cruz | Venezuela

Puerto La Cruz (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈpwerto la kɾus]) is a port city located in Anzoátegui State, in Venezuela. It is the seat of the Juan Antonio Sotillo Municipality. The city has road connections to the state capital, Barcelona, to Lecheria and to Guanta.


UDO Universidad de Oriente, Nucleus Anzoátegui Av. Argimiro Gabaldon. Barcelona (Public)
UGMA University Grand Marshal of Ayacucho. Barcelona (Headquarters)
UNIMET Metropolitan University (Graduate Studies)
IUPSM Polytechnic Institute "Santiago Mariño." Barcelona (Headquarters)
USM University of Santa Maria (Nucleus East). Barcelona


Institute of Technology Jose Antonio Anzoátegui. (Public).
University Institute of Technology (IUTA) with 2 locations: Barcelona and Puerto La Cruz. (Private).
Institute Monsignor Arias Blanco. (Private).
Instituto Universitario Pedro Maria Freites. (Private).
University Institute of Technology "Antonio José de Sucre" (Private)
University Institute of Technology "Rodolfo Loera Arismendi" (Private).

Despite the importance, the city also has a good efficient sports infrastructure; however, work has been carried out in the local sports complex for its full restoration, and to turn it into a real sports town because in these years there has been an increase in the Eastern sports fans.


The city is the home of the baseball team Caribes de Anzoátegui (formerly known as Caribes de Oriente). The team plays at the Estadio Alfonso Chico Carrasquel, which has a capacity of 18,000 spectators.


The city is also home to the professional basketball team Marinos de Anzoátegui (formerly known as Marinos de Oriente), which plays in the Polideportivo Simón Bolívar (formerly known as Polideportivo Luis Ramos), better known today as the Caldera del Diablo.


The city has 2 football stadiums.

The Jose Antonio Anzoátegui stadium, with a capacity of 40,000 spectators, hosted some of the Copa América 2007 matches among teams from Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Ecuador. The stadium is the home ground of the football team Deportivo Anzoátegui, which plays in the First Division of Venezuela.

The other stadium, the Salvador de la Plaza stadium, hosts the football team Inter Anzoátegui, which plays in the Third Division.

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